Streamlined Business & Self Mastery Training for Skilled Coaches & Practitioners to Increase Revenue and Expand Into Their First $100K in Online Sales

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What you will do within The Foundation Academy

Over 15 weeks, you will build a sustainable coaching business that consistently generates $10,0000 to $15,000 per month

  • Z2 LIVE coaching calls per week from your two expert coaches (20 calls in total)
  • ZWeekly integration and challenges each week with outcome driven, step-by-step guidance that is easy to follow
  • ZWeekly Laser Coaching on the call with Rick and/or Elaina to discuss your progress, get personalized advice and keep you accountable
  • ZCreate, define and OWN your unique coaching brand identity
  • ZCreate engaging content that makes your audience know, life and trust you
  • ZGrow a list of raving fans who are primed and ready to buy from you
  • ZConvert your raving fans into revenue without spending your life on the phone
  • ZProvide an unreasonable service that gives your clients more than they expect and keeps clients coming back
  • ZA proven, tried-and-tested path to success that has been walked by your mentors and hundreds of their clients

In the life of every person who’s made for something great or unusual or extraordinary, there is a crossroads.

You may sense this extraordinary destiny inside of you now. A feeling of total potentiality.

As a creator, change maker, and practitioner, you’ve clearly developed your skills in your practice and in the real world. It’s working to a degree, but it hasn’t taken full flight the way you truly desire.

You’ve perhaps tried to resolve this stagnation with healing work, breathwork, or ceremony, but it’s becoming crystal clear that the path forward lies in a completely different lane of your development. 

You want more energy and resources to do what you love without feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel barely able to keep up with juggling all of life’s requirements and your dearly held purpose.

If you’ve landed here, you are likely at a crucial crossroads in your life.

At this crossroads,
you look to one side and see your life as it has been.

Perhaps working for someone else while you wholeheartedly want to be your own full time boss.

Perhaps serving others deeply and watching your clients’ results, but not receiving the financial nourishment you need to support yourself the way you want.

Perhaps doing some sessions and duct-taping your life together to be able to live on purpose.

Perhaps traveling on a shoestring, trying to pull the pieces together.

Perhaps delaying a dream for too long or prioritizing the dreams of others or your family up until now.

Then you look to the other side and you see all your life can be.

Having not only your gifts and incredible skills, but feeling at the helm of a thriving business that generates the kind of revenue and rewards you’d have imagined. 

Walking across stages and being introduced to an audience who already knows your name.

Having a deep mastery and solid, embodied understanding of not only the spiritual and psychological and healing frameworks you’ve learned, but feeling confident as a competent and well-trained business owner who lives comfortably and abundantly and generously. 

Teaching, helping, and supporting hundreds and thousands of people, not just a small network you may have reached up until now via word of mouth or haphazard luck.

Feeling thoroughly nourished by a business that gives back to you in multitudes what you’ve put into it.

And you see yourself doing all of these things guided by your higher purpose.

The interesting thing is… you will usually only stand at a crossroads if your true knowing of yourself has come alive.

Once your purpose is out in the open between your heart and your higher self.

And once you have the sharpened self-knowledge to see clearly what is now in your way.

The crossroads is your time to choose — which path in life are you going to take?
The one that’s more of the same: partially fulfilled dreams, small numbers of people reached, meager financial results, overwhelm or insecurity around your skill as an entrepreneur, being overshadowed by lookalike practitioners with half your training?


The one where you hold a powerful and confident vision for your company.

Where you dissolve the beliefs you’ve identified that are in your way to receiving more, earning more, reaching higher, and taking up more space in your industry. 

Where you become a master of the real-world tools of marketing and monetization so you no longer feel intimidated by them, but wield them skillfully. 

Where you take actions now and chart the course for what will make you successful for the next 1, 2, 5, and 10 years plus.  

And where you reach into the depths of who you could become and you pull him or her forward, and you do it with a loving, smart, and experienced guidance system at your side, accelerating every brave step you’ve decided wholeheartedly to take. 

If you’re an embodied walker of the path, if you’re deeply motivated to create change,
if you’re all in on opening a new chapter in your business, then welcome.

Welcome to the foundation.

Where you carve an intelligent and embodied path to successfully monetize your greater purpose, step into your full leadership potential, and build a sustainable business and brand for years to come. 

Where you get to receive step-by-step facilitation from a pair of experts who have walked the path before you, have led thousands of others on it, and will weave intentionally together the business strategy, personal transformation, healing work, belief-shifting, energy activation, and wealth management you need to thrive along the way.

You’ll come away with a clear map of where you’re going so you can grow your business into the 6 and 7 figure realms. You’ll develop the skills and understanding you’ve always needed to succeed in your unique career path, but simply hadn’t previously set aside the time, money, and energy into fostering.

What you’ll learn inside will activate the next level of your development as an entrepreneur, a practitioner, and a changemaker. With the right frameworks, techniques, and roadmaps that we will share with you, you’ll see accelerated growth towards your maximum potential on the business side of your carefully chosen and dearly held purpose.

The journey of standing at a crossroads on the path of becoming a successful entrepreneur and a sought-after coach and thought leader is one Rick and Elaina each know very well.

Elaina is a self-made multi-millionaire, author, speaker, real estate developer, world traveler, and the lead business strategist inside The Foundation who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their purpose-driven businesses. 

But Elaina’s story wasn’t always impressive titles and a deep and embodied expertise on thriving entrepreneurship.

I didn’t grow up knowing a single entrepreneur, no less a millionaire. I was the first person in my family to go to college and landed a management consulting job in NY, so by age 21 I was making more than both my parents ever had combined.

But a couple years in, I knew I was not cut out for the 9 to 5, yet I didn’t know what my real purpose was. I traveled the world solo on a shoestring, lived off my corporate savings, and found myself on a healing path of yoga, Eastern philosophy, and studying “energy” for the first time (sound familiar?). I also became obsessed with a little passion project: my travel and personal development blog. 

I didn’t think of myself as an entrepreneur. All I wanted to do was write inspiring things, help people live an unconventional lifestyle, and get paid enough to keep traveling the world. 

I didn’t think that my blog and my desire to help others would become the foundation of my now multi-7 figure company.

In 2015, I started offering one-off coaching sessions to my readers, but making $1K-$2K/month wasn’t enough to support myself and the need for a “real job” loomed near. I was a naturally talented coach, but not naturally talented at sales and marketing and turning my love into a business. 

At that moment I could have kept playing small, having a “side hustle,” and going back to the 9 to 5 from time to time when I needed money, but I saw another option. I stood at my crossroads and I chose another life.

And I knew I’d need to become a real businesswoman to make that life happen. 

I doubled down on learning what didn’t come easily to me: marketing, online strategy, and sales, investing my entire life savings ($15,000!) on a one-way ticket to Bali and my first business coach. 

I studied. I tried things. I failed. But then I sold my first $2,500 client. Then another… Then a $10,000 client… and the rest is history.  I became a master of messaging, magnetism, high ticket sales, business operations, team management, all by necessity. All by decision. I kept investing in coaches who had done the damn thing before me. 

In 2020, I had my first $100,000 MONTH. In 2021, I became a self-made millionaire and purchased my dream home in Bali. The following year, multi-millionaire. Today it’s perfectly normal for me to make in a single day what I used to make in a year as a fancy management consultant. 

I’ve helped thousands of other entrepreneurs grow their businesses, many going from $0 to 7 figures themselves. I’m confident I have the most simplified teachings on how to monetize your gifts in a complex and ever-changing marketplace and a well-trodden path for gifted facilitators, healers, and coaches like you to follow that predictably improves your business mastery for life and gives you a repeatable methodology for attracting consistent clients.

$125,000 in 6 months with multiple high-end dream clients

I had quantum shifts in my income in a matter of weeks of coaching with Elaina. We straightened out my marketing and messaging and I got 15 discovery calls in a matter of 3 weeks. Once I started to change my messaging, people began to gravitate to me effortlessly. We also increased my sales skills so I could have empathetic, grounded, and connected sales conversations. All of this helped me close multiple high-end dream clients. In 6 months, I made $125K and I’m almost at $200K by the end of the year. Elaina makes things approachable and digestible and meets you where you are. She really helps you to see the value of what you are offering and how important it is to the world.

Jackie Simek

Magnetic Mindset Coach & EFT Healer, USA

$65,000 launch in 3 months and 5x-ed her investment

I was immediately drawn to Elaina’s messaging. When I got on the discovery call with Elaina I was already sold. I knew I wanted what she was doing: to get on calls with clients and have them sold just like I was. There is something in the way Elaina teaches and the way she expresses herself that is grounded. When I stepped into Elaina’s container something happened where I clicked up and in turn my clients started clicking up, and therein lies the magic. I have closed every single discovery call that I have had since I started coaching with Elaina. Literally, within 12 hours of saying yes to her program, I quickly watched her sales training and I sold and closed a big 6-month client. With Elaina’s coaching I created a new offer and had a $65,000 launch, 5x my investment in her program.

Krista Kim

Spiritual Life Coach, USA

$55,000 in sales in 90 days and 19 new soulmate clients

Working with Elaina truly helped me understand my ideal client’s perspective and how to call her in. Elaina helped me create a bigger brand from my core messaging. By making these tweaks, I am now calling committed clients who are ready for results. This fine tuning has landed me 19 new soulmate clients that are invigorated with passion. My goal was to scale but not to compromise my personal touch while staying true to my values and we were able to achieve that through our work. The more efficient my offers got, the more I helped women step into their power. And this was all achieved by taking the leap and investing with Elaina. The most life changing aspect of our coaching was the launch planning combined with the strategies. This alone helped me uplevel and I achieved $55,000 in sales in 90 days. Elaina is efficient and really addresses the shifts you need to reach your next level. The way that she shows up, holds space, and is totally committed to what you do is unmatched. Do not hesitate to take the leap and make the investment.

Regina Silva

Mindset and Business Coach, USA

It’s the summer of 2015, I’m at Bulletproof cafe, enjoying a collagen-filled iced coffee, soaking in the warm California rays.  I’m one year into crafting a new life…

Meeting my heroes at the time like Tom Bilyeu, and my first coach and his partner.

These people completely changed how I saw myself and the world. I was learning new tools, and new ways of being. 

I was finally building momentum in a direction that felt so deeply aligned. 

Then came the call from my newly hired CEO in my business back in the UK: “Rick, we didn’t want to tell you, but the site’s been down for 3 weeks.” 


I jumped on the next flight back to the UK, facing the disaster head on. We were the largest health supplement affiliate and our 200,000 members weren’t happy.

In my old office, sat at my old desk, I was confronted with a serious choice…

The company was up for a $3.2 million sale. But to salvage it, I’d have to invest 18-24 months into rebuilding it to a sellable position. 

Do I choose to stay for Money / Safety? 

My old life looked great from the outside, but I was a mess inside, I felt disconnected and unfulfilled. Anyone relate? Back then, I couldn’t fully comprehend it. But deep down, I knew there was more… 

And the truth is there is more, much more! I had already found it, I was living it in the US; I had felt the sweet nectar of alignment for the first time in my life.. 

THEN I was presented with a test. Classic universe. 

Was I going to stay working on something that I no longer had passion for, or was I going to take a stand for and take a risk about what I truly cared about?

A fork in the road moment, that would shape the rest of my life…

Long story short – I decided to find a working solution for our partners, team and customers, and chose the adventure that my soul was calling of me… 

My $3.2 million loss turned into the greatest gain. Choosing new friends and a new path was the best decision I ever made. 

The universe tests us and only you can choose. Staying could be the right move for you, or maybe you’re here to choose the adventure of aligning with your heart and your soul. 

You know what the answer is. We always do…

Some of you might be at a crossroads right now, facing a significant choice. 

It’s as if these decisions are put here by the universe tests our resolve.

“Are you sure this is what you stand for?”

Over the past decade, I’ve continued with my passion for human development and have been blessed to have had some of the world’s best mentors.

I’ve built a thriving multi-six figure coaching practice, spoken on world stages, and I’ve been featured in leading publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Men’s Health for my work. 

But most importantly, I go to bed each night knowing I’m a stand for the type of world I want to see. 

Going into coaching I had minimal expectations and welcomed the experience with an open mind. Rick’s guidance, frameworks, and physical practices revealed a new world inside of me that I did not know existed.

The past months have been a beautiful unfolding of events I could not have imagined just a few months prior. I have a clear vision of where I would like to be in 10 years, I have landed a remote job that aligns with my sense of purpose in the world, I have tripled my net worth, and I have plans to relocate to a location I’ve dreamt of since I was 18.


If you are looking for someone to hold space and help you tap into your deep purpose. If you know you gotta’ bunch of stuff that you’ve still got to work through, that keeps holding you back from being the biggest and most beautiful and most alive expression of yourself, then look no further than Rick William.

The dude is a monster in the best way possible. You wanna work with him, and you wanna work with him now. If you have an opportunity to work with this man, he is pure, pure safety. There’s something about his expression, something about the way he shows up as a man that makes life so much easier. The answer is yes, and the answer is now. Jump and join and work with this guy in any capacity that you can.


Before I started working with Rick I was feeling overwhelmed with the workload that comes from being a mother of two little babies, and knowing within myself that I wanted to offer the world my gifts. But how could I connect to my passion and my true self when motherhood was so consuming? Rick helped me see that I can have both and be both. Asking for support has made me a better person and in turn a better mum.

Rick has helped me bridge the gap between knowledge and action. Being taught these practices is not enough – you need support integrating them into your life and I feel like that’s where I’ve been stuck. But no more.

I feel more myself than I have in years. Finally, I have remembered who I truly am and I am home. And I’m ready to unleash my powers into the universe. I’m ready to serve myself and I’m ready to raise the vibration of the universe. That is the ripple effect of working with Rick.



You’re someone who understands the importance of getting the foundation right, because how you set something up at the beginning informs everything else about how that thing grows. You start with the right understanding and right support and it takes you in the correct direction.

Only now we’re talking about your CAREER, your work in the world. There’s nowhere more important for this to hold your focus. 

If you have a solid understanding of what creates a stable 6 figure business and get support from people who have lived it and embodied that results and beyond it, your course is set. It’s not IF you reach the financial goals and receive the recognition and opportunities you know are

The Foundation is an offering unlike any other.

It’s extremely rare that two very successful coaches with collectively decades of experience in business and transformational work, who have made millions of dollars combined, and who have two very distinct and complementary skill sets as teachers and facilitators — both of which are fully required to be developed in order to become a successful business owner — will team up to run a program as comprehensive, deep, thorough, and multi-faceted as this one.

In fact, we honestly haven’t seen it done. Which is why we’re here. 

You don’t just get one of the top transformational coaches and facilitators of healing, inner work, and embodied purpose.

And you don’t just get one of the top business strategists in the entire industry.

You get BOTH of our eyes on what you’re doing AND who you’re becoming as you decide to go ALL IN on becoming the embodied, unshakeable, abundant, and wildly successful entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of being. 

Here’s the journey available to you if you decide to join us inside



We’re going to guide you step by step through a 3-month journey to transform from the inside out.

You will bring forth the gifts and purpose that is within you with greater clarity than you’ve ever had before, learn the quickest path to monetizing it as a business, and bravely excavate any part of you, any non-serving belief, any outdated program around money, any childhood trauma that is in your way of becoming this version of yourself: the successful coach, the future millionaire, the purposeful leader, the speaker and author, the trusted guide that you know you’re ready to be — and NOW.

Our teachings will alternate between the deepest and most potent inner work, mindset, energy clearing, belief-shifting, and personal-transformation based work to help you step into (and be things you’ll learn, embody, and shift so fast that you’ll no doubt pass them onto your clients and students, too) and the most streamlined, simplified, and effective business strategies we have both tested over YEARS that have made us millions of dollars doing the work we love to do in the world.

Every single group call will offer you teachings as well as the opportunity to bring questions, get coached on your unique blocks, and watch the other leaders receive world-class coaching. You’ll have the experience of not only being coached by the best, but watching us in our magic, which is a transmission and an upgrade of your own abilities as a space holder in and of itself.

And on top of it all, you’ll immerse yourself in a community of like-minded, purpose-driven leaders who are stepping into running abundant real-world businesses who will become friends, close allies, future clients or collaborators, Burning Man campmates, travel buddies, godparents, and who knows what, as you go through the journey linked arm and arm in a community of humans where you never thought there’d be so many people who would understand you. 


Module 1 with Elaina:
Your $100K/Year Roadmap

The core business model you choose for your business is the first decision that makes or breaks your success. You may not be making the money you want to make right now simply because you’ve chosen the wrong business model. You’ll learn how to do things in the right order – whether it’s private coaching, groups, courses, or passive income you want to generate – so you have the fastest pathway to grow to 6 figures and beyond.

Value: $2,000


Module 2 with Rick:
Abundance Unleashed: Unlocking The Power Of The Extraordinary

We begin by tackling the root of any lack, limitation, or fear as you take this next leap. You will discover how to cultivate a state of abundance, not just as a “mindset” but instead as something that is felt within your nervous system. In this first module you will be merging the best of Western psychology and Eastern contemplative science so that all parts of you are ready to give from the overflow as you grow to 6 figures and beyond.

Value: $2,000


Module 3 with Elaina:
Build and Price Your Offer

Understanding how to position yourself in the market and create offers in alignment with that is essential to attract the clients you want to attract. The right signature offer and promoting brand awareness around it consistently in the right way is what creates consistent income as a coach. In this module, you’ll land on your niche (even if you’re multi-passionate, trust me, I’ve never met a very multi-talented coach who I couldn’t help figure out their niche) and you’ll build a high ticket offer around it that is validated by the market. The way I teach this will also bring leads to you straight away. Lastly, you’ll also better understand how to correctly price coaching offers so you’ll be able to stand in your worth at a higher price point.

Value: $2,000


Module 4 with Rick:
Unleashing the Power of Connection: The Avatar Activation Journey

When all parts of you are connected to who it is you’re here to serve, your capacity to take aligned action (and attract paying clients) will completely transform. You will move from imposter syndrome (“Can I?” “Should I?” “Who am I to…?”) to “How can I NOT show up?” and you’ll have a crystal clear understanding of who you serve and how you make their lives better. Through the Avatar Activation Process, you’ll breathe life into your business, allowing you to serve and support your clients with unparalleled passion and care, creating solutions for problems they didn’t even know they had or didn’t know what they really needed to solve them. Get ready to experience the joy of serving as you unlock the secrets that will revolutionize your business and let you connect most deeply and accurately to the people in the market you need you most.

Value: $2,000


Module 5 with Elaina:
Building Your Brand in 1-2 Hours/Day

Having an attractive and consistent social media presence is essential to generate 6 figures+ in online sales, and we know you don’t want to be consumed by your phone either. Learn the most important and effective types of content you’ll need to produce, get practice writing and producing content whether written or video with expert oversight and guidance so you know what you’re doing is attractive for your brand, and learn organization systems for social media that will have you doing it in less time than you thought possible.

Value: $2,000


Module 6 with Rick:
Heart-Led Service Mindset: “The best sales is service”

In this session, you’ll become a master at transcending the most self-imposed barriers when it comes to marketing and selling yourself and effortlessly move from your head to your heart. This transformational shift will enable you to truly guide others in making aligned decisions during the sales process and have them come out wanting to invest in working with you and even THANKING you for making them an offer. Remember, exceptional sales is fundamentally exceptional service. Discover how to cultivate the optimal state to “get out of your own way” so that you can authentically serve those who seek your guidance.

Value: $2,000


Module 7 with Elaina:
Get Your First Sales

You’ll learn how to turn sales calls into awkward things you secretly hope people will cancel to something you look forward to and can skillfully lead so that the potential client feels comfortable with you and also wants to invest. You’ll design your own personal sales flow that goes from the time someone first hears about you, through applying to work with you, to closing the sale so you don’t get people ghosting you anymore and you have a feel-good way from having someone say they are interested in what you do to actually paying you.

Value: $2,000


Module 8 with Rick:
Total Presence – Get back 1-2 hours/day

Having the ability to focus on the projects that are important to your life and your mission is essential. In this world of instant gratification and fast-paced media, it’s easy to lose hours of your day on things that don’t ultimately move the needle in your business. The mind of even the best entrepreneurs can become distracted, unfocused, and overwhelmed. This week you will learn how to take the power of your attention back. You’ll learn how to re-regulate your nervous system and calmly execute on the most important tasks that leads to inquiries about your offer, paying clients, and tangible growth.

Value: $2,000


Module 9 with Elaina:
Sell Your Value with Ironclad Confidence

How to speak about your offer every time someone asks you “what do you do?” is essential to securing consistent leads. This module is a live workshop where you’ll be getting live feedback on your elevator pitch so every time you go to talk about your offer, the person in front of you understands what you do in clear real-world language, sees your value, and is either interested in buying from you or knows someone who needs what you have to offer. Never babble mindlessly on in expert jargon and miss a sales opportunity again.

Value: $2,000


Module 10 with Rick:
Camera Charisma: Unleash Your Natural Self-Confidence and Shine On-Screen!

With this process, you’ll effortlessly command the camera and express yourself with authenticity and ease. Say goodbye to discomfort in groups or on camera as we harness cutting-edge techniques that will have you retrain your nervous system so expressing yourself will become something you not only get to do, but love to do. Watch as your limiting or self-protective beliefs around showing up on social media or in front of your growing audience dissolve. When it’s safe for you to express yourself, your authenticity will radiate and you will naturally attract the clients you love to work with.

Value: $2,000


Module 11 with Elaina:
Your First Funnel to Save Time and Energy and Attract The Most Leads

In order for your business to thrive without you overworking, you’ll need a way to generate leads while you’re serving your clients or working in other parts of the business. I’ll teach you the most basic way to consolidate getting people interested in your work, automating (in an easy way!) leads coming in, and a rinse and repeat method for launching and concentrating the right people’s eyes on your offer, the same method that has had me close almost $3M in sales.

Value: $2,000


Module 12 with Rick:
How Your Attachment Style Is Affecting Your Business & Money

As we up-level into the next level of impact and expression, it’s the place we get to re-work with any un-integrated parts that are trying to keep us safe in what is known and familiar. Here I will teach you how to transmute, integrate, and transform any parts so that you can truly show up for your business and mission with iron clad confidence in yourself and what you’re providing others.

Value: $2,000


Module 13 with Elaina:
Audience Growth Strategies – How to Be Seen By More People and Keep Growing

Growing your audience can be one of the biggest time wasters on the planet. You’re likely to do too much, go too broad, spend too much time on your phone, and still not see an increase in your visibility in front of new people. I’ll give you my tried and tested rundown of how to get your content seen by more people and increase your magnetism online so people you’ve never even heard of are applying to work with you.

Value: $2,000


Module 14 with Rick:
Q&A and Laser Coaching With Rick

Value: $2,000


Module 15 with Elaina:
Building Your Business Efficiently by Knowing the Needle Movers and Eliminating the Time Wasters

It’s essential that you start to function like a skilled CEO instead of a freelancer or side hustler. I’ll share with you how to save time in your business by focusing on what actually serves others and makes you money instead of keeping you busy but not creating results. I’ll also cover documents you’ll want to have in your business, simple software and little apps that help a lot, when to bother with paid ads vs organic marketing on social media, and even how to hire your first VA.

Value: $2,000


Module 16 with Rick:
Your Personal and Planetary Moonshots

You need to know where you’re heading and why! So does your community. Within this module, you will gain absolute clarity on your personal and planetary moonshots so that you can communicate them with clarity. It’s time to be a stand for the world you wish to see, and be the bridge between the old world and the new.

Value: $2,000



BONUS Module from Rick:
Total Resiliency

As a skilled CEO it’s essential that your nervous system has the capacity to function at a high level. You have to know how to put the brakes on so you can relax even while managing a lot and how to put the pedal down when it’s time to go without getting burned out or stressed out. In this nervous system training, you learn to build a flexible, adaptable, and powerfully attuned nervous system so that you can effortlessly manage your personal life alongside your someday million-dollar business.

Value: $3,000



BONUS Module from Elaina:
Millionaire Business Backend Systems

A complete rundown of the practical systems you’ll need to run a business successfully. Think: how to accept payments most easily and with the lowest fees, how and when to incorporate your business, best accounting and financial practices so you’re never stressed about taxes or surprises, the best email and social media management systems that save hours every single week, how and when to get an amazing virtual assistant, and absolutely ESSENTIAL advice our lawyers taught us years into our business that we wished we had known from Day 1.

Value: $3,000


BONUS Module from Rick:
The Antidote To Overwhelm: Scrum Project Planning

Scrum is the antidote to overwhelm. In this easy tutorial, you’ll discover how to structure your business projects to achieve not only task completion but also continuous learning and adaptation as you progress. This is the project planning method that’s made me hundreds of thousands in my business over the last decade and you’re going to learn it for yourself right now.

Value: $3,000


BONUS Module from Elaina:
A Glimpse Into Scaling to 7 Figures

Before every millionaire became a millionaire, they declared it to themselves. They claimed that goal and intention first — and then they found someone who had done it and followed the path. In this bonus module, you’ll learn what $250K – $500K – $1M business models look like so you can chart your course to continue growing your business for many years to come. It’s easier than you think. Once you learn to make $1,000 for yourself, you can make a million.

Value: $3,000

You’re someone who understands the importance of getting the foundation right, because how you set something up at the beginning informs everything else about how that thing grows. You start with the right understanding and right support and it takes you in the correct direction.

Only now we’re talking about your CAREER, your work in the world. There’s nowhere more important for this to hold your focus. 

If you have a solid understanding of what creates a stable 6 figure business and get support from people who have lived it and embodied that results and beyond it, your course is set. It’s not IF you reach the financial goals and receive the recognition and opportunities you know are possible for you, it’s when. With the proper understanding of business mastery, an area you may not have simply given enough time or investment into, your success becomes inevitable.

This program will be ideal for you if:

  • RYou’re a confident and skilled coach, healer, practitioner, or facilitator
  • RMarketing, sales, and business in general is not your zone of genius and you’re ready to change that
  • RYou want to learn the business strategy to make 6 figures per year doing your purpose work
  • RYou want to form a better offer, better understand your audience so you can attract paying clients and not just followers, develop a basic money-making marketing strategy, master sales calls, and better understand and price your own value so you stop overworking and undercharging
  • RYou’re excited to learn and implement social media marketing techniques, become a better speaker, storyteller, and salesperson, and brand yourself in a more clear and compelling way in the market

It’s ok if…

  • $You don’t have a niche yet but are willing to learn how to define one for yourself
  • $You don’t have a long-term offer but are ready to package up what you do in a new way and give it a go
  • $You have an in-person business that you’d like to have more of an online presence
  • $You don’t have much of an online presence but you’re ready to start now
  • $You’re just getting your first paying clients but have done plenty of free sessions before
  • $You’ve gotten paying clients before but it was blind luck and you’d prefer to have a strategy
  • $You’re a little scared to be seen and be more visible but you know the deeper mindset and healing work you’ll do inside this program will shift it

This program won’t be ideal for you if:

  • QYou’re not sure you have what it takes to coach or support people professionally
  • QYou’re going to move very slow and doubt us and yourself every step of the way
  • QYou’re really resistant to charge more, develop bigger offers, and put yourself out there more visibly
  • QYou’re happy playing at the level you’re play at and don’t feel the need to change
  • QYou want to run automated funnels from data-driven paid ads and sip margaritas on the beach in Mexico and stop being hands-on with your clients and in your business
  • QYou prefer healing, manifesting, and doing everything with ease and the law of attraction — working diligently at something new and applying tried and tested strategies makes your nose wrinkle

Here’s what you get inside

16 Learning Modules

of the best mindset and business strategy coaching to follow step by step to grow your purpose from a seed of powerful knowing into a monetized pathway for a lifelong career

Value: $16,000

4 Bonus calls with Rick and Elaina

on advanced level project planning, 7 figure business systems, scaling strategies to make more with less doing, and advanced level somatic practices

Value: $12,000

16 Live Group Coaching Calls

where you receive world class coaching from Rick and Elaina

Value: $16,000

3 months of Access to the Exclusive Whatsapp Community

of your fellow program-mates and collaborators so you can feel supported and held consistently throughout your experience inside of The Foundation

Value: $5,000

Lifetime Access to the Replays of All Calls and Teaching Modules

so you can revisit the teachings any time you need to refresh your memory or go back and integrate the work at a deeper level based on your progress

Value: $2,500

Workbooks that will help you Integrate

the action steps from every single module and keep you accountable for staying on track with our prescribed courses of action for your inner and outer world 

Value: $2,500

Program Value: $54,000
Actual Investment: $5,497


Your investment to join The Foundation:

$5,497 Pay in FulL


5 monthly Payments of $1,197

Become a VIP

VIP students receive:

1 personalized 1-1 coaching call with Elaina on their business strategy


1 personalized 1-1 call with Rick on any aspect of their mindset, trauma, healing, and inner work throughout the program.


1 customized social media OR sales page review via 15 minute Loom video from Elaina describing precise ways to upgrade your online presence, messaging, and sales structures to attract more clients


1 custom-made personalized practice to support you in embodying the most magnetic, confident, and unshakeable state necessary to bring forth your gifts, message, and authentic presence to the online world and attract clients energetically as well as strategically

 Limited to 5 seats only.

$6,997 Pay in FulL


5 monthly Payments of $1,497

Frequenty Asked Questions

What time are the calls, and when do they start?

There will be two calls per week starting 25 October, 1 on Wednesday at 1pm CST and the other on Thursdays at 1pm CST. Calls run with integration weeks until January 2024. Replays are available in case you’re not able to make one of the calls.

How much time should I plan to devote to this program?

This course is designed to be comprehensive but streamlined. There are about 3 hours of coursework and coaching time per week divided between 2 90-minute calls. Other modules may be bonused in as and when we see fit. How much time you spend implementing in your own time is up to you and your desired rhythms of your business. There’s no set amount of time dedicated to business that makes someone successful.

Are there refunds?

No, there is a clear no refund policy.

Am I guaranteed to get results?

No, as with anything in life and especially in the coaching and personal development space, we do not guarantee results, especially not financial results, which are up to your own skill in how and when they come about. We do guarantee to share our knowledge and lived experience of building very successful and profitable businesses with you and impart a transfer of marketing, sales, and psychological work that will improve your ability to generate revenue, attract clients, and run a business for the rest of your life.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

As long as the course exists, you’ll have lifetime access.

Are live calls recorded in case I can’t attend live sometimes?

Yes, all calls are recorded in case you can’t come live.

Are you coaching us every day in the Whatsapp group in addition to the group calls?

The intention of the Whatsapp group and community is to provide a space for you to connect more deeply on a personal level with other members of the group, ask questions and share ideas with your peers, and celebrate your wins with Rick and Elaina. All major coaching questions are answered on the twice weekly coaching calls. Our team will be monitoring the group and noting any common threads of challenges or questions that arise to also inform our teachings every week.

I want more 1-1 time, how do I get more support from Rick and/or Elaina?

Choose the VIP option for this program and receive personalized sessions from both Rick and Elaina or look into hiring them privately. Elaina’s private coaching can be found here and Rick’s can be found here.

From one-off sessions to $45,000 in revenue in 6 months

After just 5 weeks of working with Elaina, and within two days of launching my new high-end program that incorporated all of my gifts in the world of sexuality, intimacy, and business, I sold over $20,000 to dream clients.Together we created my high-end program, which felt completely authentic to me, and conducted market research to better understand my client niche. It was so empowering to know that what I had to offer was of value for people in the high-end market and all of this gave me a ton of confidence to launch. The deeper embodiment of my own work and this level of success achieved in such a short amount of time working with Elaina is a true testament of alignment and has already shifted what’s possible for me and my business.

Luna Veronica Mystic

Mystic & Intuition Coach, Canada

$20,000 in revenue within two days of launching

After just 5 weeks of working with Elaina, and within two days of launching my new high-end program that incorporated all of my gifts in the world of sexuality, intimacy, and business, I sold over $20,000 to dream clients.Together we created my high-end program, which felt completely authentic to me, and conducted market research to better understand my client niche. It was so empowering to know that what I had to offer was of value for people in the high-end market and all of this gave me a ton of confidence to launch. The deeper embodiment of my own work and this level of success achieved in such a short amount of time working with Elaina is a true testament of alignment and has already shifted what’s possible for me and my business.

Lauren Renee

Emotional Intelligence Coach

From struggling to find clients to closing his first $6,000 package

Working with Elaina was a wonderful experience and helped me go from struggling to find clients to booking dream clients in my 1:1 practice. Her methods helped me to close $3K sales in one week and book my first $6,000 client! Elaina is an incredibly supportive coach. She blends effective strategy with a warm and caring personal touch. I will work with her again as my business grows. If you need a mentor then I encourage you to speak to Elaina!

Paul Juggins

Mindset Mentor, Ireland

Messages of love and success

Our testimonial videos

Zak – Impact Entrepreneur

Emile – Entrepreneur & Coach

Lars – Musician & Entrepreneur

Ricky – Entrepreneur

Theo – Artist & Entrepreneur

Preston – Coach

Andrew – Father, Entrepreneur & Coach

Emily – Mother, Author & Entrepreneur

Ross – Entrepreneur & Coach


Elaina Ray is a business strategist and mentor for online service providers and entrepreneurs in the personal branding and self-development space. She’s the author of Becoming Self Made and the host of the Million Dollar Spirit Business podcast.

After leaving her successful corporate career at Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Uber and traveling to more than 60 countries, Elaina started her own coaching company and became a self-made millionaire by age 31. 

She specializes in offer development, high ticket sales, scaling strategy, and mindset and management skills for accelerated business growth. She helps her clients hire a team, scale their operations, and refine their marketing and branding message to be more appealing to the top of their available market, in addition to developing and scaling passive income and leveraged income growth strategies.

Find out more about her at https://elainaray.com/ and watch one of her free marketing trainings, High End Clients here.


Rick William is a purpose coach, somatic therapist and meditation teacher. Rick supports many high-performing business owners, artists, investors, coaches and change makers. After Rick exited his start up at age 25 that served over 200,000 members he travelled the globe meeting and supporting some of the world’s most influential thought leaders and spiritual teachers who featured on his hit Youtube Series “Stories That Matter™️”. 

Since a young age Rick has been interested in consciousness, personal development, and spiritual growth. Today Rick helps support many heart led high performers master their internal state so that they can create real freedom in their life, relationships and business. Rick’s passion is bringing together the best of Eastern/Western Psychology, alongside Shamanic practices to support the collective heart awakening that is underway. Rick uses a multi-modality approach combining the latest in human behavioural psychology, spiritual wisdom and innovative life and business strategies to help his clients achieve lasting fulfilment in their life, relationships and business. 

It’s Rick’s interests that have drawn him to living and working more mindfully in the slower-paced environment of Costa Rica, a country that honours and cares for nature and the natural world. He lives with his dog Mayu and fiance Mia and shares his work worldwide.

Your investment:

$5497 Pay in FulL


5 monthly Payments of $1197

Become a VIP

VIP students receive:

1 personalized 1-1 coaching call with Elaina on their business strategy


1 personalized 1-1 call with Rick on any aspect of their mindset, trauma, healing, and inner work throughout the program.


1 customized social media OR sales page review via 15 minute Loom video from Elaina describing precise ways to upgrade your online presence, messaging, and sales structures to attract more clients


1 custom-made personalized practice to support you in embodying the most magnetic, confident, and unshakeable state necessary to bring forth your gifts, message, and authentic presence to the online world and attract clients energetically as well as strategically

 Limited to 5 seats only.

$6997 Pay in FulL


5 monthly Payments of $1497