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if you want to Learn how to live your purpose and navigate life, work, and relationship challenges and desires with much more alignment, joy, and ease, then this Masterclass is definitely for you!

This 60 minute masterclass (+30 minute Q&A) for mission-driven men who are ready to break free from the weight of the past and experience a life they’ve only ever dreamed of.

In this Masterclass You’ll learn:

01. Learn how to live your purpose and navigate life, work, and relationship challenges and desires with much more alignment, joy, and ease. Wave a massive hello to next-level love, wealth, and adventure!

02. Heal inner wounds and break free from the weight of carrying years of unresolved trauma, and emotion so that you can see more clearly the path made for you.

03. Learn how to build emotional resilience so that you can bust through new edges and become the leader of your own life (and a better one to those around you).

04. Set up your life so that your needs are met in new and innovative ways – this is how you’ll pop the lid off a life many have never experienced and only dream of.

05. Uncover the clear roadmap to creating your life from the inside out. You’ll learn how to align the feelings you experience, the beliefs you hold, and the values you stand by to your everyday behaviour and action steps so that you feel more connected to yourself.


Rick William is a purpose coach, somatic therapist and meditation teacher. Rick supports many high-performing business owners, artists, investors, coaches and change makers. After Rick exited his start up at age 25 that served over 200,000 members he travelled the globe meeting and supporting some of the world’s most influential thought leaders and spiritual teachers who featured on his hit Youtube Series “Stories That Matter™️”. Since a young age Rick has been interested in consciousness, personal development, and spiritual growth. Today Rick helps support many heart led high performers master their internal state so that they can create real freedom in their life, relationships and business. Rick’s passion is bringing together the best of Eastern/Western Psychology, alongside Shamanic practices to support the collective heart awakening that is underway.

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Rick uses a multi-modality approach combining the latest in human behavioural psychology, spiritual wisdom and and innovative life and business strategies to help his clients achieve lasting fulfilment in their life, relationships and business. It’s Rick’s interests that have drawn him to living and working more mindfully in the slower-paced environment of Costa Rica, a country that honours and cares for nature and the natural world. He lives with his dog Mayu and shares his work worldwide.

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Your purpose is a state of being,

not a destination.

– Rick William

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Master your inner world, Master your Life:

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Ready to master your life?

This 60 minute masterclass (+30 minute Q&A) for high achieving men who want to smart cut 1000’s of hours of training and start taking action on improving one of the most important decisions in your life: your intimate relationship.