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Step into Total Resilience

In this nervous system training you will actively and intentionally pushing the limits of your internal state, so that you can build the internal resilience to effortlessly manage the triggers that come up in your daily life.

This is more than a Meditation,
it’s a nervous system training

In the graph below you can see how this meditation is engineered towards blending nervous system states & bringing them into balance.

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Rick William is an EQ mastery coach, entrepreneur and business strategist supporting high performing business owners, artists, investors, coaches and personal brands.

After exiting his start up at age 25 that served over 200,000 members, Rick travelled the globe meeting and supporting some of the world's most influential thought leaders and spiritual teachers who were featured on his hit Youtube Series "Stories That Matter™".

Today Rick has spent over a decade exploring his personal development and spiritual growth and has ran online businesses around his passions for nearly two decades (he created his first business teaching when he was 14 years old teaching other teens to play video games at a professional level.)

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Rick always had a passion for transformation. He kept learning and pivoting, and finally realised that his deep love and passion was in service of helping others others grow and transform their personal and professional lives. Today Rick helps support many conscious high performers master their internal state so that they can create real freedom in life, relationship and business. Rick is a certified trauma informed coach, breath work facilitator and uses a combination of personal development tools and innovative life and business strategies to help his clients achieve results. He now lives in Costa Rica with his two dogs Mayu & Lalita and shares his work worldwide.

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What others say:

The quality of your life is determined

by the quality of your emotional state.

– Rick William

Turn your triggers into allies

As part of your daily routine, this nervous system exercise will allow you to be the heart-led leader, entrepreneur, partner, parent, friend that others can count on, because you can count on you. Build your resilience today.