Client Spotlight

Andrew – Trauma-informed Coach

From overworked catering company owner on the brink of divorce to completely turning his life , work and relationship around – listen to Andrew’s powerful and inspiring story.


0:00 Introduction 02:27 The Moment I Decided 03:12 Too Hard Headed 05:40 Safety for my Wife 11:11 I’m “Good” But Are You? 13:49 Unconscious Anger 19:33 We Saved the Marriage 20:14 I Learned to Communicate 28:25 Becoming Your own Coach 31:55 The Power of the Nervous System 36:44 What Others Have Said 40:00 From Catering Company to My Purpose

Success leaves clues.

Andrew’s Transformation



Andrew came to the coaching container with three key desires. Firstly: he wanted to turn his relationship around. Secondly: he wanted to create more internal, peace, calmness and freedom. Lastly: he wanted to do more meaningful work.


Doing the work

We began by unwinding the old limiting (protective) beliefs and stories from the inside out that were keeping Andrew safe from deeper levels of intimacy. We worked through his anger /anxiety and lastly we worked on finding a meaningful pursuit (aka his purpose).


12 months later

By the end of the process Andrew had saved his marriage and two years later has built an even stronger bond. He has completely reduced the time/frequency and duration of his anger outburst. He has now gone on to create a successful coaching practice.

I’ve learnt tools during our time together that have improved all of my relationships.

I feel like a better human being

Andrew’s life now

Changed my life

“My journey with Rick has been life changing. Just months ago, I was hardened by many things that had happened in my life, I was angry, and I was overworked. Not only that, I was heading into a career that was not truly coming from my heart, and it was affecting my family. Now three months later, I’ve begun my new business, and I couldn’t be more passionate about it. I feel so clear on my purpose, I’ve learned tools during our time together that have improved all of my relationships and I feel like a better human being. The Berard family thanks you brother. I look forward to living out the rest of my days helping others as you have.”
– Andrew Berard

... and 12 months later here's what andrew is doing

Andrew has a passionate and deeper relationship with his wife (they made it through) and a new, refreshing relationship with his kids. Andrew is now running his own Trauma Informed Coaching practice.


Ready for the next step?

You’re ready, I’m ready. Let’s go.

The process is very simple. Fill out the application form to explore the potential to work together. If I feel it’s in our mutual alignment, my team will be in touch to book you in for a free 45-minute discovery call (or I may send you a few DM voice notes if we haven’t already connected) so that we can make sure that we are great fit for working together. We will make sure that both the details and the connection feels great, and from there you’ll be invited into the container and you can lock in your place for the next 3,6 or 12 months.