Client Spotlight

Emily – Author, Coach & Mother

Overworked Mum of two Emily East transformed her life, wrote a book and reignited the spark in her relationship! Listen to her story….


00:00 Introduction 03:00 The Dark Side Of Positive Psychology 07:00 Nervous System Work & Wisdom Of The Body 11:30 How I Learned to Communicate in my Relationship 17:00 How my Kids Benefit 22:20 12 Months After Coaching 23:00 Launched My Book. 39:20 The 5 Most Useful Tools

Success leaves clues.

EMILY’S Transformation



Emily came with three big goals. Firstly: she wanted to re-ignite the passion in her relationship. Secondly: she wanted to write and publish her book. Lastly: she wanted the skills to be more present with her kids.


Doing the work

We began by unwinding the old limiting (protective) beliefs and stories from the inside out that were keeping Emily safe from deeper levels  of intimacy. We worked through her anger /anxiety and lastly we worked on finding a meaningful pursuit (aka her purpose).


12 months later

By the end of the coaching Emily had written the first draft of her book, got an actual book deal and re-ignited the spark back into her relationship.

For me to give my kids the best chance in life,

I have to do this work.

EMILY’S life now

“Being a woman and a mother I harness my feminine powers all day, everyday. It’s what makes me a good Mum. But I was lacking the masculine power within myself to go for what I wanted. Rick has supported me in connecting and being closer to my husband, following my passion and creating financial freedom, as well as how I show up for myself and my children. Those heart warming and soulful conversations that my husband and I used to have before we got busy with kids are now back. I feel more myself than I have in years. Finally, I have remembered who I truly am and I am home.”
– Emily East

... and 12 months later here's what emily is doing

Emily is putting the final touches of her book together (which is about to launch any day now)!


Ready for the next step?

You’re ready, I’m ready. Let’s go.

The process is very simple. Fill out the application form, if I feel it’s a potential for alignment my team will be in touch to book you straight in for a free 45 minute discovery call (or I may send you a few DM’ voice notes it’s we haven’t already connected) so that we can make sure that we are great fit for working together. We will make sure the both details and the connection feels great, from there you’ll be invited into the container and you can lock in your place for the next 3,6 or 12 months.