Client Spotlight

Zak – Founder of Banan

Watch how Zak transformed his life from surviving entrepreneur to a thriving leader and entrepreneur.


00:00 Introduction 04:25 Motivation for Change 06:45 Healing with Mother 10:00 A 7 figure Investment 13:00 Letting in Positive Emotions 17:00 The Ripple Effect 24:00 Dismantling Limits 34:00 Somatic Work & Nervous System 39:00 Now Expressing publicly 44:00 Upward Spiral of Growth

The more I did the healing work, the more abundance just opened up

in all areas of my life.

Zak’s Transformation



Zak came with three big goals. Firstly: he was weighed down by his financial situation and wanted solutions. Secondly he wanted to work on creating more internal / mental freedom. Lastly, he wanted to work on improving his relationships.


Doing the work

We began by unwinding the old limiting (protective) beliefs and stories from the inside out that were keeping Zak safe from deeper levels abundance, freedom and connection.


12 months later

By the end of the coaching Zak received / negotiated a 7-figure investment for his business and said he had the most meaningful conversation with his Mum/family in his life.

Success leaves clues.

Zak’s life now

Tripled my net worth

“I started coaching with Rick at the beginning of this year. It was during a transitional period in my career and I was thinking deeply about my purpose in life. I had already started and scaled a business at a young age and could be deemed successful by many societal standards, yet I found myself seeking more.
Going into coaching I had minimal expectations and welcomed the experience with an open mind. Rick’s guidance, frameworks, and physical practices revealed a new world inside of me that I did not know existed. The time we’ve spent working on embodiment and emotions has transmuted into abundance in all aspects of my life.
The past months have been a beautiful unfolding of events I could not have imagined just a few months prior. I have a clear vision of where I would like to be in 10 years, I have landed a remote job that aligns with my sense of purpose in the world, I have tripled my net worth, and I have plans to relocate to a location I’ve dreamt of since I was 18. Most importantly, I am learning how to share more of myself in a way that connects me closer to the people around me. Since working with Rick, I have had the most meaningful conversations of my life with loved ones, including my mother. It would be impossible to put a price on any of this. I am beyond grateful and truly honored to have had the opportunity to work Rick.”
– Zak Barry, Hawaii

... and 12 months later here's what zak is doing

Zaks’s business Banan has gone from strength to strength. He’s closer to his Mum more than ever.


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