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The Purpose Roadmap

The Purpose Course for Heart-led Entrepreneurs, and High Achievers with Rick William.


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You were built for so much more...

But if we’re being honest, right now everything feels a little murky, doesn’t it? Life is “GOOD”, relationships are alright, and health is just fine. From the outside looking in, you’ve got it all. And you’ve got it better than most – a thriving career, loving partner, great friends, and a healthy body. Hell, even people in your community aspire to be like you.
Yet, something still feels off, you know there is more connection, alignment, and joy waiting for you.

So you try to elevate on your own…
You try to find your deeper purpose by attempting new jobs, pivoting your business.
You try to make changes to improve your relationships by adding more date nights throughout the week.
You try to optimise your health by going to the gym more and buying a few supplements.
And you try to make more money by working harder, and longer hours.

Trying has become your middle name. After all, you’re not the type to give up. You’re committed to finding a rhythm in your life that feels aligned.

You desire EXAPNSION
You desire deep LOVE & CONNECTION.
You want profound EXPERIENCES.
You need to truly LIVE .

You’re ready for more than just money, more than just a regular partnership, more than just a bland career… You’re ready to embody your purpose, and live life BIG, bold, and grander than what most people are willing to do in one lifetime.

You’re not only on this planet to work, sleep, and eat, you were made for a reason, and you’re no longer willing to ignore that nudge tugging at your heart. 

YOU, my friend, were made for a mission and purpose that pulls you into your greatest version.  

Purpose is a state of being,

Not a destination.

– Rick William

What others say:

Prior to working with Rick I had been searching for years, trying to find deep fulfilment and satisfaction in life. I had achieved great financial success, status in my work, travelled the world, followed many spiritual practices, but there was still a longing to for my true purpose. Through working with Rick I have fully stepped into living my purpose, my finances have improved, I feel energised to help others through my work and no longer feel stuck, or searching for something that is going to satisfy me. I feel I have returned home. Rick has connected me to living a life of true meaning and purpose.”

Joshua S.

Thank you for leading me back to myself, my inner power and deep self-trust! As a coach in this space, I felt so safe to let Rick lead me into deep, uncomfortable, un-familiar places as we healed my relationship to my inner child.. That I no longer feel anxious when I lead group containers! My self love, self trust, and worth all feel deeply integrated on a whole other level! Leaving this container being able to regulate myself has soothed my anxious attachment and co-dependent nature. I feel the most powerful and trusting in myself than I ever have. Thank you for leading my on this journey, even deeper back to my true self.”

Tijana B.

Mind & Heart Connection

This is where most people get tripped up. The goals and dreams you desire aren’t something you only logically think about, and mechanically tick off of a checklist– they are intrinsically linked to your feelings, and who you are BEING. You can’t derive purpose without deep work in both areas of the mind and heart. A connection with both is what catalyzes you to create and live the life you most desire.


Course Available Now

The Purpose Roadmap

The Purpose Course for Heart-led Entrepreneurs, and High Achievers with Rick William.

Reconnect with your TRUE self, uncover a clear path towards your greater purpose, and experience a life full of REAL, soul-bursting fulfilment and abundance.

Group Program

The Purpose Roadmap

The comprehensive roadmap to uncovering your purpose, and harnessing your gifts to live the life you’ve always felt called towards.

The Purpose Roadmap is a 12-week group program to guide you through the deeper exploration of self, and spirit required to clearly know, and express your purpose in life. It’s a sacred journey to master your internal state so you can create real freedom in life, relationship and career.

Finding your purpose, and living your mission isn’t found by answering one simple journal prompt.

It’s found by peeling back the layers of societal conditioning, and identities that have overshadowed who YOU are. It’s about removing what is no longer you, to reveal the masterpiece within.

Going to the depths of your soul is where the treasure resides.

Inside The Purpose Roadmap (TPR) we’ll utilise a multitude of approaches that address body, mind, and spirit to uncover your mission. You’ll finish TPR with clarity in all areas of your life and a walking, talking, and breathing embodiment of your purpose.

Get ready to feel DEEPLY PULLED by a greater why and to develop the ability to continue to cultivate life from that space.

Inside THe Purpose RoadmAp you will:

01. Learn how to live your purpose and navigate life, work, and relationship challenges and desires with much more alignment, joy, and ease. Wave a massive hello to next-level love, wealth, and adventure!

02.Heal inner wounds and break free from the weight of carrying years of unresolved trauma, and emotion so that you can see more clearly the path made for you.

03.Learn how to build emotional resilience so that you can bust through new edges and become the leader of your own life (and a better one to those around you). 

04. Set up your life so that your needs are met in new and innovative ways – this is how you’ll pop the lid off a life many have never experienced and only dream of. 

05. Uncover the clear roadmap to creating your life from the inside out. You’ll learn how to align the feelings you experience, the beliefs you hold, and the values you stand by to your everyday behaviour and action steps so that you feel more connected to yourself.

06. Rebuild daily habits and routines so they’re supportive in building the mission-filled life you’re aiming for and start practising them right away. 

07. Break down previously held barriers so that you show up more confidently in all areas of life – and recognize the beauty and magic every day moments. 

08. Meet and connect with other high-level leaders working towards similar goals to you. Together we can go further. This is the secret ingredient to a life well-lived.

Uncover your mission, and get on your path of purpose.


We start April 30th.

Reveal your Authentic Purpose

*just like David below 😉

When Michelangelo was asked how he created the sculpture of David he said: “I removed everything that was not David, and David revealed himself.”

Like David you will remove the blocks, you will remove all that is not yours and your authentic purpose & expression will reveal itself.

When Michelangelo was asked how he created the sculpture of David he said: “I removed everything that was not David, and David revealed himself.”

Like David you will remove the blocks, you will remove all that is not yours and your authentic purpose & expression will reveal itself.

Purpose is the Doorway.

You are the Key.

Inside the Purpose Roadmap, we’re not trying to find 1 single purpose or 1 single “THING” that you can arrive at and label “my purpose”. You’ve likely already done exercises like that and they left you searching for more, and feeling like something was off. Purpose is not a destination, it’s a way of being. You are the key, and sharpening who you are by utilising a multitude of science and spiritual toolsets is the way you create a key that unlocks the door of true lasting purpose.

Diversify your purpose

like you would your investment portfolio.

– Rick William

Your Purpose Roadmap

What Teachings are based on

These are all modalities & disciplines we’re using when working together

  • Human Behavioural Psychology
  • Trauma Informed Therapy
  • Life Visioning
  • Heart-centered Marketing
  • 10Y+ Knowledge Personal Development
  • Spiritual Wisdom
  • Shadow Work & Integration
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Money Mindset
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Embodied Leadership work
  • Business Strategies & Tools
  • Goal Setting & Accountability
  • NLP
  • Business Consulting
  • Masculine Feminine Energy Dynamics
  • Plant Medicine Integration
  • Deep life changing tools, practices and daily rituals to enhance your life.
  • Nervous System Regulation Techniques

What others say:

What’s included

With the Purpose Roadmap you’ll receive

As part of taking this course, you will get access to the following:

10x 90min Group calls

High intensity and accelerated coaching that gets straight to the point, cuts through the chaos, and streamlines EVERYTHING you’re doing. We tailor and customize every session, tool and approach to your unique path and desires.

Access to All Purpose Roadmap Lessons, Downloads & Worksheets

You will get immediate access to downloads…

Weekly Assignments & Homework +
Access to private Telegram community

To integrate the tools & insights learned you will receive weekly assignments & homework.

That’s not all…

You’ll Also Receive These Special Bonuses:

As part of taking this course, you will receive these additional bonuses:

Total Resilience Meditation
My most requested meditation and a powerful tool to increase your capacity to recover quickly from the difficult challenges life throws your way. It’s a great track to move through during areas of immense growth, stress, and change. Remember resilience isn’t about being tough and blocking emotion, it’s about your ability to integrate and expand your capacity to hold more with ease.
Total Morning Activation
Kickstart your morning with a powerful activation! In this 20 minute ritual you’ll be guided to tap into your most aligned, powerful and connected state! (based on your own experiences) Then using the power of your Nervous System we will activate and bring forward your most empowered self!! Unlike affirmations which are said in the head you’ll get the opportunity to use words and beliefs that are uniquely true to you and then you’ll combine them with heightened emotional states to create real change in your body and nervous system, so that you bring your most powerful, present and connected self to your day ahead! – This is my favourite morning ritual, can’t wait to share it with you, see you in there!
10k Consistent Months masterclass
Gain lifetime access to my money-mindset masterclass. In this live training, you’ll learn my signature process for attracting customers and growing your business without needing to implement a complicated or expensive strategy. Get ready to bust through some major blocks and into regular 5 figure cash months.
Problem-Solving Journal Prompts
These are game-changers for boldly claiming your next-level purpose-filled life! Receive my 7 Questions To Overcome Any Problem Journal Prompts and learn how to gracefully navigate life’s greatest challenges with much more ease. You’ll uncover a new lens to view problems from and transform your decision-making process forever.

What others say:

My journey with Rick has been life changing. Just months ago, I was hardened by many things that happened in my life, I was angry, and I was overworked. Not only that, I was heading into a career that was not truly coming from my heart, and it was affecting my family. Now three months later, I’ve begun my new business, and I couldn’t be more passionate about it. I feel so clear on my purpose. I’ve learned tools during our time together that have improved all of my relationships. I feel like a better human being. The Berard family thanks you brother. I look forward to living out the rest of my day helping others as you have.

Andrew B.

Being a woman and a mother I harness my feminine powers all day everyday. It’s what makes me a good mum. But I was lacking the masculine power within myself to go for what I want. Rick has supported me in connecting and being closer to my husband, what following my passion actually looks like and creating financial freedom, as well as how I show up for myself and my children. Those heart warming and soulful conversations that my husband and I used to have before we got busy with kids are now back. I feel more myself than I have in years. Finally, I have remembered who I truly am and I am home.

Emily E.

Join the Purpose Roadmap

Starts: June 2nd 2022
Calls at: Thursdays 2PM MT 9pm GMT

One Payment of $1,997USD

4 payments of $597USD
One Payment of $4,997USD

4 payments of $1,444USD

With every single sign up your actions and commitment will sponsor one child who’s experienced abuse and neglect. From you stepping up you will also be giving one child the education and support they need for 6 months! And we will double it, giving a child 1 whole year of food, shelter, education and support!

More info on the charity here

You’re made for The Purpose Roadmap if:

01. You feel a deep calling to connect with a higher purpose in your life and you’re done trying to figure it all out on your own.
02.You’re a high-achiever, leader, and/or entrepreneur who feels a sense of disconnection with your life and you’re ready to do the inner work to step into a new, powerful, and CONNECTED version of yourself.
03.Something feels off in your relationships, career, and/or health but you can’t quite nail down what’s wrong – and your friends and family may even think you’re crazy for thinking something is.
04. You feel like a stranger in your own life. You’ve checked off all the boxes society laid out for you but you know you were made for more.
05. You avoided going deeper in the past because you feared entering a space so vulnerable, raw, and real. But now, you seek it because you know it will help you soar to greater heights—both for yourself and for others.


Rick William is an EQ mastery coach, entrepreneur and business strategist supporting high performing business owners, artists, investors, coaches and personal brands.

After exiting his start up at age 25 that served over 200,000 members, Rick travelled the globe meeting and supporting some of the world's most influential thought leaders and spiritual teachers who were featured on his hit Youtube Series "Stories That Matter™".

Today Rick has spent over a decade exploring his personal development and spiritual growth and has ran online businesses around his passions for nearly two decades (he created his first business teaching when he was 14 years old teaching other teens to play video games at a professional level.)

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Rick always had a passion for transformation. He kept learning and pivoting, and finally realised that his deep love and passion was in service of helping others others grow and transform their personal and professional lives. Today Rick helps support many conscious high performers master their internal state so that they can create real freedom in life, relationship and business. Rick is a certified trauma informed coach, breath work facilitator and uses a combination of personal development tools and innovative life and business strategies to help his clients achieve results. He now lives in Costa Rica with his two dogs Mayu & Lalita and shares his work worldwide.

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Read through some of the commonly asked questions below. If you still have a question feel free to email the team for support at hello@rickwilliam.com

When does The Purpose Roadmap start?

April 30, 2022.

How much 1:1 time will I get with Rick?
The Purpose Roadmaphas been structured to ensure you receive adequate support from Rick during the group coaching calls and in-between sessions in the private Telegram community. If you’d like additional 1:1 time with Rick you may find the VIP option the best fit.
I’m currently going through a breakup, is it a good time to join The Purpose Roadmap

Yes, this is a great program to do during a relationship transition, because it cover a lot of emotional state mastery topics as well.

I’m not an entrepreneur, is The Purpose Roadmap for me?
Yes, The Purpose Roadmap is for all heart-led people who self-identify as someone who desires to live a life of purpose.
What if I can’t attend a call live? Will there be a recording? What time are the calls at?
Yes, there will be a recording available for every call, and we aim to schedule calls at a time most convenient for all time zones. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit questions beforehand in case you can’t attend a call.

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What others say

You were made for so much more.
You were Made for a Purpose.

The comprehensive roadmap to uncovering your purpose, and harnessing your gifts to live the life you’ve always felt called towards.

Ready for the ride?

Reconnect with your TRUE self, uncover a clear path towards your greater purpose, and experience a life full of REAL, soul-bursting fulfillment and abundance.