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Rick facilitates transformational experiences for heart led men. He’s spent the past 10 years exploring his personal and spiritual growth after arriving at a pivotal point in his life when building a business in his early 20’s that achieved “success” in the eyes of society. Having discovered that it wasn’t truly his definition of success, but that of others, family and society. Rick realised that his definition of success was led from the heart and was in service of helping others. Believing that each of us has a sacred purpose, a unique contribution and that we are here to gift the world, Rick maintains that the only work we have to do is to reveal these, and when we do, we will receive everything we’ve ever wanted.
Rick is a trauma informed coach, breath work facilitator and uses many other tools he has learned along the way. He now lives in Costa Rica and shares his work worldwide.

Rick William


Increase in income

In a study people who reported a higher sense of purpose had a higher house hold income and net worth.

Pub-med Studies

Pub-med studies show a greater sense of purpose in life leads to greater psychological wellbeing and increased immunity.


of modern men

Fifty percent of men report that a lack of meaning or purpose is a major stressor in their lives.
“A man with an open heart and rebellious spirit chooses what is true and sacred over what is comfortable or popular. He steps forward with courage, again and again and again.”

– Rick William

My Mission

My mission is to help end emotional trauma and suffering in this life time as we know it.
To help others live emotionally free, connected and meaningful lives.
I’m committed to being the best man I can be for my community.
I believe we are all here with unique gifts to contribute to others and our planet.

What Leaders say

The dude is a monster in the best way possible

If you are looking for somebody to hold space & help you tap into your deeper purpose, Rick is the man. If you have an opportunity to work with Rick, he is pure safety.
The answer is yes and the answers is now.
Work with this guy in any capacity you can!

– Preston Smiles

Bestselling Author & Speaker

Connected to Higher Self
Heart Centered
Balanced & Productive
Healthy Relationship with Technology


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  • Crystal Clear Vision
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  • Connected Deeply with Self
  • A Deeply Meaningful Life
  • Greater Impact
  • More Energy
  • Fully Expressed Self

Embody Your Purpose Mastery Guide + Breathwork Session

Download the journal prompts that will guide you into deeper enquiry and self mastery. And then do the embodiment breath work exercise.

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Dive into the leader you were born to be

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Discover how to free yourself and live a deeply connected,
and meaningful life.

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Unlock the power within and embody the
archtypes of the holistic man.

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Come on an unforgettable journey of unleashing the man within
includes 2 Day Retreat to Costa Rica


Here you’ll find answers to your questions.
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Why would I hire a coach/mentor?
Coaches can help you get what you want in life by guiding, reflecting, and using tools to help you reveal more of who you truly are, whether you desrie that to be in business, relationships or any area of life.

Imagine having someone who completely has your back, who holds a safe space for you to help you see the patterns, stories, and emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck, so that you can get unstuck and emobody your fullest expression.

How is this different from therapy and life coaching?

Generally speaking, coaching is more focused on helping you achieve your future goals, while therapy tends to have more of a past focus. … The focus in therapy is more on healing from the past, while the focus in coaching is more on getting you to where you wish to be. Some holistic coaches use the past and present along with healing tools and exercises to help you move towards your future goals and life. 

What is the “body-mind” connection?

The mind-body and body-mind connection is the link between a person’s thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors and their physical body. 

While scientists have long understood that our emotions can affect our bodies, we’re just now beginning to understand how emotions influence health and longevity.

The latest research is now discovering how many of our emotions from past experiences are stored in the body. Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolks best selling book “The Body Keeps The Score” brought this data to lght in western medicine. However, somatic (body-based) therapies it has been practiced for thousands of years in many ancient traditions. 

 Now more than ever, doctors and leading practitioners understand the importance of a comprehensive, holistic approach to care that includes mind, body, and spirit.

What does a typical session involve/look like?

Every session is different and is tailored to each unique client.

Sessions normally run from 60-90 minutes and include coaching, and somatic-based therapies and tools when needed.

At the end of each session, integration work is set so that you, the client, can embody the work and begin taking the steps needed to create the life you desire.

What types of people hire a coach?

People who realize that they can’t go it alone; people who want more out of life and want to make their life better. 

Life coaches are used by CEOs and all types of professionals; by entrepreneurs and celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Williams, Nia Long and former presedent Bill Clinton. Also by couples who are either drifting apart or want’s to prevent future issues, or simply by anyone who wants to make their best, even better. 

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