Client Spotlight

Tijana – Self-Worth Coach and host of The Muse Podcast

From anxious and co-dependent to powerful and trusting

0:00 Introduction 02:04 It was time 04:50 A slippery slope 09:14 Feeling the shift direction
15:00 Creating deeper connections 18:00 I wouldn’t be who I am today
24:00 From dysregulation to connection 30:00 Being the Safe Space Now for others
34:45 Building Momentum 41:10 Seeking Truth 42:37 Showing up authentically

Leaving this container being able to regulate myself has soothed my anxious attachment and co-dependent nature.

I feel the most powerful and
trusting in myself than I ever have.

Tijana’s Transformation



Tijana came into her coaching container not being able to show up for herself or for others. She was experiencing loneliness, fears of abandonment, and feeling her life was out of balance. Seeking validation and connection from relationships and friendships was a consistent pattern for her. When Tijana reached out to Rick, she was so uncomfortable she knew it was time to do something about it. Tijana was ready to commit to creating safety for herself and begin to heal the relationships in her life.


Doing the work

We began by giving Tijana a process to build up a strong, internal foundation of safety and security within herself to then show up in a better way for the people in her life. We dove into why she was breaking down her relationships and her feelings of dysregulation. We could then begin to build connectivity, re-regulate her nervous system and lift the veil on living fearfully.


12 months later

By the end of her container, Tijana went from feeling fearful everyday to relaxing into the calmness of her life – allowing her to be more present, repair and rebuild relationships with her family and friends, and live in secure attachment. Tijana has since gone on to launch her podcast, The Muse Podcast, and create a space for her own coaching clients to level up and discover their unlimited possibilities. The ripple effect Tijana has on those around her is evident and affirming.

As a coach in this space, I felt so safe to let Rick lead me into deep, uncomfortable, unfamiliar places as we healed

my relationship to my inner child…that I no longer feel anxious when I lead group containers.

Tijana’s life
In comparision


Hiding / No videos


Expressed / On purpose

Finally living in alignment with my purpose

“Thank you for leading me back to myself, my inner power and deep self-trust. I am so grateful to have gone on this journey with you! As this being my first container with a male coach…Rick has held me in more ways than most have been able to and healed my relationship to the masculine! Leaving this container being able to regulate myself has soothed my anxious attachment and co-dependent nature. I feel the most powerful and trusting in myself than I ever have. My self love, self trust, and worth all feel deeply integrated on a whole other level.”
– Tijana

... and 12 months later here's what Tijana is doing

Tijana is building her business as THE Self-Worth Coach, using the tools and resources she has learned to help women build and keep self-worth for life. She is living in balance, and showing up for herself and her relationships in ways that didn’t seem possible before.


Ready for the next step?

You’re ready, I’m ready. Let’s go.

The process is very simple. Fill out the application form to explore the potential to work together. If I feel it’s in our mutual alignment, my team will be in touch to book you in for a free 60-minute discovery call (or I may send you a few DM voice notes if we haven’t already connected) so that we can make sure that we are great fit for working together. We will make sure that both the details and the connection feels great, and from there you’ll be invited into the container and you can lock in your place for the next 3,6 or 12 months.